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Muddy Sneakers

Inspired by the same sneakers I wrote about earlier this month, but not the same sneakers. Simple magazine collage.


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I’m making woven paper postcards for a mail art show in November. To be pure, I really have to mail the postcards to their destination. But I also have to be prepared for tearing in transit. Nothing against the USPS — mechanized sorting is here to stay.

I’ll make a digital image of each postcard and if necessary print it out and use it for patches.

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A Little Dark

It isn’t really all that dark, if you put your nose right down on it. (In other words, click on the image to enlarge it.)

I use fairly cheap acrylics, which means I don’t get a solid covering unless I paint several coats. I’m barely patient enough to let one coat dry.

I think the base is a Duke University poster or mailer.

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Nasher Creates: Adult Studio is a monthly drop-in art-making opportunity at Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art. Last night, Candy Carver led us in creating silhouettes from paper fragments, lots and lots of modge podge, and thick black paint. Candy provided masks to lay on top of pasted-down colored scraps. A quick whisk around the edges with black paint, then spread the paint back out to the edges. Clean your fingers. Enjoy.

I chose the sneaker mask in homage to my black Reeboks, which recently delaminated their soles in a mucky pit, after 20 years of service. I wrapped them up in green duct tape, but that was just a stopgap. They’re gone now.

I have a fond memory of conning a fellow shopper out of that pair at the outlet store in Brighton, Massachusetts. There was one pair left in my/her size. She got ’em first. What did I think? she asked, not knowing how wily I can be. She was planning to wear them in the Amazon. Oh, boy, your feet will just swelter in black shoes, I said. She bought white. Whew.

The image is out of focus because the original does not fit directly on my scanner bed. It’s brighter, too.

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Today I’m posting a “copy” I made from a postcard I received from a fellow mail artist. I set aside the original and imitated it from memory.

It did not turn out to be a copy at all! I got the color way and one shape in harmony with the original, yet it is utterly different. Whaddaya know.

I like both the original and the un-copy.

I like the original so much that I might try a more copy-like copy.

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I made an index-card-a-day card by copying the back cover of “Red Cat Blue Cat” by Jenni Desmond. Here are the original and the copy side by side. Aside from selecting my own color scheme, what did I not copy?


1. I omitted the cats, the birds, the mice.
2. I colored the background rather than the house itself. If I had had a peach colored marker, I probably would have used it. Note to self ….
3. I gave my house a doorknob rather than a knocker, because I didn’t have a fine-tip black or gray pen with me (I was working off site.)
4. I colored my pots of plants; J.D. made hers in pen work only.

5. I made a simpler design on the frieze above the door, once again because the tips of my markers seemed to thick to work there.
6. There’s a definite leftward slant to all the uprights!

The correct proportions for a realistic house often confound me, so it felt good to have an agreeable model to copy. This was fun, and a pretty decent copy.

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This is what a big community art show looks like. The folks in black standing in the middle of the space are doing an unrelated project.

There was some collage and multimedia work, but maybe not quite as much as I expected. My piece is in the middle of the first shot.



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