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I’m not sure what/how yet, but the handmade paper medallions I made several years ago (“tin can paper”) are going to see the light of day, possibly with buttons, and maybe some teabag tissue and netting.


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My Original Work

Or alternative title, “When Nice Dogs Make Mail Art.”


The tidbit in the upper left corner is supposed to look like a framed work of art, but it may look like a plant stake. Tissue paper and magazine collage; white gel pen (a rich and creamy one right now, from Jo Ann.)

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Collaged images, crayons, white pen, other markers marking away. As usual, I’m asking myself “is it balanced?” I think so – just barely. Like it.


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The problem with a nice background is covering it up. Before I finish this art journal page I am going to downsize the remaining elements I plan for it, because even though it’s “just paint,” I can’t bear to hide it all.


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An altered snapshot from the bin of abandoned photos at the Scrap Exchange. Collaged (the long, pale branch); stamped with acrylic paint and a piece of metallic grid, its original purpose unknown (found in a parking lot); ghostly crow stamped with metallic ink that never dried, so it’s been protected at last by a piece of packing tape.


Into the mail.

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The Purple Leaf


Background from a 1960s record album cover, over-painted with purple acrylic. A birch leaf print, also in purple — not the best color choice, because it’s barely visible against the background. White acrylic paint for edge emphasis, so the viewer can tell where to look for the leaf.

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This card just drifted up from the bottom of the stack. It sure is scroogy. Is that even a word? In my family it means “uneven, crooked, off-kilter.” That describes the layout on this postcard. I like it for its exuberant color.

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