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In the mail I received some interesting collage fodder from my correspondent in Belarus. I was inspired to make a collage book aka junk journal aka gluebook for her. I used her shocking pink envelope for one of the pages.

Since I haven’t mailed it yet, I will just post a little glimpse here today. The whole book is 3 folios plus a cover made from another brilliant friend’s paste paper. Click on the images for better color.


I used material from a copy of Art in America, a New York Times style issue, an illustrated children’s book of the natural world from the early 1960s, a postcard from my collection, and some scrapbook paper. And some Halloween stickers.

The stickers were designed to be creepy or scary, but I think they are just cool. This is not a Halloween book — it is a coincidence that the word “spirits” appears in the title.


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The rest is coloring and ink work. I had so many nice blues, and white gel pen is always striking when it’s flowing as it should.

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Beautiful Mail

From Belarus. I’ve rotated the image so that you can inspect the stamp more closely.

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The Gaze

It’s nice when handsome young men smile at you, even though you are getting older by the minute. I wrote a spell on this page (first in a foreign language and then encoded from that), and we will see what happens.

This was my first opportunity to use the gelatos my sister gave me for my birthday. Also the wrapping paper.

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I have several old workbooks of experiments, paste-downs and cutouts, including a few but not many finished pages that I like. I have started to mine them for postcards, larger collages in new journals, or other purposes. Today I need a thank-you card.


It feels liberating to re-use this material instead of letting it pile up all cobwebby.

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All I knew when I started this card was that it would have five or six layers, which it does. They are cumulative, so the left end of the card is thicker than the right.

I first heard of layering like this as an add-and-pass-on kind of project, with each participant adding a smaller layer. I didn’t have the patience, though.

Gel pen work partly pulls it together.

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Some time ago, I made a 2-page spread in my visual journal that was entirely pen scribbles, with just a little crayon embellishment here and there. I thought I posted that spread, but maybe not.

This morning I was seized with the urge to provide a focal point on one-half of the spread, to see if I liked it better than the plain scribbles. I don’t know the answer, but it was an interesting experiment.


What I’m pretty sure I like is the suggestion of a pale egg shape with a yolk outlined in green. I don’t like the stamped spirals in the corners. The yellow green frame was fine just the way it was.

I do like to scribble.

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