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After Thanksgiving

Something easy to digest.

Something from a cache of never-sent.

Something else again.

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Here are a few more pages from the collage book I made a few weeks ago and posted about on October 29. It arrived safely far overseas.



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A friend asked me whether I make art in my day-to-day journal — the one where I keep driving directions, to-do lists, and the like. No, I don’t really, but sometimes I truly like the two- or three-element collages I make on the cover. I’m talking about those 1/4-inch-thick Moleskines that come in a two-pack; I go through them quickly. This was September and most of October.


“Paperhand” is a local theater group that works with huge puppets built with the aid of the community. It’s also a good name for a diary.

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An art journal page made from offcuts from the postcards below and other paper scraps on the desk top, plus a lot of different marking and coloring media. I really should make a background first, but I don’t always. Sometimes I get away with coloring in the background later.

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I signed up near the deadline for a swap entailing sending out 10 handmade postcards on November 11. I decided to tackle this by making an edition — a set of identical cards. With my butterfly mind, I departed from that plan fairly soon, but not before creating a design base to which I could add a variety of embellishment. Here are a few of them.




In all there are 8, each different and none of them looking like I expected when I started out with the red painted border and the blue finger-painted swirl in the middle.

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