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I have a goal of producing four different pieces today, because I have four ideas circling my head, and soon I will have to write them down if I don’t try them out.


Hoping to add two more before the end of the last football game of the day … that should give me enough time. ### No, it’s taking two days, not one!

Here are King Frosty and the monarch whose image he was modeled after, William the Conqueror, as rendered in a recent issue of The Economist.


It’s a shame I forgot put the back panel on King Frosty’s throne. He looks like he’s standing on a ski jump.


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This image is a venture in knitting ideas together. On the right (unseen) I had made a page that was purely pattern. The colors were a smoky mauve. On the left (the image you see here), I had done some very light crayon shading in similar shades.

That didn’t make much of an impression. So little that when we needed to replace a switch, I sketched it in my art journal so that I would buy the right item. I never use the art journal for household errands, but this time I did.

Today I pulled together some off-cuts from a failed folded six-pointed star and some papers in similar tones and began to paste them on the switch-page. I still had the tag from our Christmas tree, and I decided I wanted to keep that.

I augmented the sketched switch with some penciled circles and stamped some dashes in lavender on the background, just to bring it forward a tiny bit.

Here’s the result so far.

Many years ago I worked with a gentleman who had a whimsical way of evaluating new ideas. Hmmm, he would say, that might be something. Do you think it is something? It could be nothing, but maybe it’s something … He could go on a while in that vein.

And that is how I feel about this image: It could be nothing, but it might be something. (The colors, by the way, are not at all true. New scanner gets blamed for everything, but I will work with it some more.) Merry Christmas.

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As you can see, it’s simplicity itself. I like the flow of the images a lot, purely from the aesthetic POV.

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A New Bookform

In a library book entitled “Trash Origami,” I found a bookform that uses waste paper with printing on one side only (we all have a lot of that, right?) By folding and slotting pages together, you can make a small book that feels fairly substantial in your hand, even though it is held together by friction only – no gluing or sewing required.

Here’s one spread from a little collage book I made this way.


It’s simple collage, relying largely on piquant juxtaposition for its effects.

Part of the fun of this structure is that each spread of pages has two pockets at the fold, into which you can tuck additional little collages, messages, or other treats. The pink semi-circle is a pull tab.

Off it goes now to a mail-art-friend for an end-of-the-year near-surprise.

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I really like this postcard, which came to me from someone in the Republic of Komi, a region of the Russian Federation — unsigned, unfortunately.

The image has my favorite subjects in it, cats and snow.


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I made it just this morning.

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I’m going to postpone buying another color printer and just add a scanner to our technology arsenal. We’ll see how satisfactory that is. Maybe I don’t need a color printer.

While I await the scanner, I’ll share an image from the kaleidoscope function of an app I discovered on my iPad, Photobooth. I think you can see the appeal.


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