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It’s the big question in mixed media art. I was done before I stenciled the neutral-color feather in the lower right. I was not done the previous ten times I thought I was done. The goal was to make as many layers as I could, so I achieved that.

The base layer is water color, an inexpensive pan set I bought more than 20 years ago in a toy shop. Then I used most of the other dry media I have, plus a little acrylic paint.


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I’d wear this! I copied a dress image from a promotional postcard, using water-soluble crayons and a few ticks of water color pencil and alcohol marker. The crayons do not create a fine line, but I am trying to learn to work with them because they are so vivid and require less elbow room and caution than a palette of liquid paints.

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I’ve made ten postcards for iHanna’s semi-annual handmade postcard swap. Participants will get their lists of addresses soon. Some of these postcards were made long before hand; they sat in my “to send” file. Others gave me the chance to act on a new idea or a crazy thought. I like them all.

There is probably not much overlap between the participants I will mail to and the people who look at this blog, but just in case, I won’t post the postcards I made until enough time has passed for them to be received in other parts of the world.

Well, maybe just one.

That’s Janet Yellin’s head. I hope she doesn’t mind (or find out.)

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I’m not sure about the difference, but these seem more like doodles than marks to me. Too bad, I was trying for “marks.” This piece was pretty motionless until I added the double circles with orange and red felt-tip pens. Now I see the movement, but I don’t think it’s finished yet.

Click on this, it really pops when you do.

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Try Rae Missigman’s “15-minutes of mixed media” videos: 15 minutes of work reduced to 8-ish minutes of video …fast enough to keep you alert, slow enough that you can see what she is doing. I’m hooked.

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Sometimes I receive envelopes that look like this! The envelope itself isn’t “mail art,” strictly speaking, because the art images are real, gorgeous Russian stamps. Among other arty goodies, the envelope contained two postcards of the work of the illustrator Vera Pavlova. The illustrations came from a book on Russian holidays.

If you like Pavlova’s work, you can find many images on Pinterest. Ordinary browser searches mostly turn up a contemporary poet by the same name.

Many warm thank yous to my correspondent Xenia.

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