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I have several ideas for final steps, and I am worried about spoiling it, which can happen, even though a person shouldn’t think that way. So to calm my fears, I’ll post this near-final version of “She Asked My Advice.”

When the final version is ready, I’ll post it and also identify the fellow artist who sent me the material in the left border.

Original is about 9 by 11 inches, my big visual journal.


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This is number #49 in the Index Card a Day (ICAD) 61 day challenge, and I am keeping up except that for some reason, #39 is drawn but not yet colored. ??

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If your library has “Drawing from the City” by Tejubehan, you may find this slim book intriguing. Only 3,000 copies were printed (and you might also want to read about the publisher, Tara Books.)

Tejubehan is intrigued by the idea of women moving freely through the world, and so her work is full of women driving, taking trains, flying…even parachuting, as on the cover. In her own life, she largely moved on foot, traveling through India with her husband, a singer. They made their living by singing in the villages and towns.

Caste rules discouraged women from singing with their men, so she began to draw instead.

I’ve made several drawings copying bits of hers, and it’s harder than I thought it would be.

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“A riot of color” was my plan for a 7″ by 10″ painting in my visual journal. It’s got acrylic paints and glaze; a spritz of alcohol; some crayon rubbing; white paint pen; and a large cast of felt tip markers. Lots of pointillism with white pen and fine tip markers; and I wouldn’t object to more.

There are some spots where the color combinations just don’t work [I tried not to scan those], but on the whole I created something I really like. It’s gaudy, lively, and complicated. Here are three out-takes from “A Riot of Color,” with narrow borders added.

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I found this on my walk this morning, a true ready-made … a little wire creature taking off at a gallop.

He could become a stencil or a tracing or a rubbing, a very useful little guy. I digitally tinted the background of the scan and added a border to the image, but the object itself is as-is.

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Art books for children are satisfying for adults, too. I picked up a copy of Alphab’art (Anne Guidry and Olivier Dussatour) at my library. There are 26 pictures, each one including a hidden letter of the alphabet. This Miro contains a “G,” quite a few of them in fact and not at all hidden.


I was inspired to make an index card (ICAD 2017 #35) with one of the many ideas that spring out of this painting.
Would I hang this over my sofa? You betcha.

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Wow [surprised as usual by the passage of time and the amount of stuff I’ve created since about 2001.]

About 8 years ago, I retrieved a Jiffylite padded envelope from the trash at the university History Department where I worked. I made a large mixed media artwork on this recycled canvas sometime later.

It has an outsized presence — it’s 15 x 22 inches and very colorful — so there’s never been “the right place” to hang it, and it’s also a bear to store.

Today I scanned it in parts and e-stitched it together, using a few digital tools to disguise some of the joins. I still like it a lot and don’t want to look at it all the time, which you’ll understand if you enlarge the image.

That’s a frilly blue cocktail pick in my guru’s hand. I doubt I’ll ever make anything quite like this again.

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