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I got great mail from my correspondent in Belarus a week ago. For now, I’ll just share the envelope, suitably anonymized. As usual the stamps are a treat – the national emblem, I think, in four denominations. Sheaves of wheat, makes me hungry.


Is that an oak?


My response is almost ready to mail.



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So as I wrote earlier, postcard fever struck, and I prepared ten postcards for the iHanna swap,

Still fevered (but on task), I dropped five stamped and addressed postcards in the big blue box and, apparently, one postcard that was neither addressed nor stamped. The postcards sometimes stick to each other. It was an easy mistake, but one I never made before.

So sad! I think it was this one, which I particularly liked.


Maybe I’m mistaken — maybe someone in the swap will get two cards. It could happen.

Try this project yourself this fall/winter, when there will be another swap.

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I got postcard fever earlier this week, and before I knew it, I had made five postcards. That was when I thought I should sign up for the iHanna postcard swap. After all, I was already halfway to the target of 10 postcards ready to mail by May 5.

Today’s May 4, and while the postcards aren’t actually ready to mail, the image sides are finished and they are addressed. I just have to add a message and my personal identification to each one.

Here are two of them.

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