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This scrap journal is built on a base of used envelopes and greeting cards. The pages are several different sizes, and the binding is a loop of string.

This enterprise is supposed to use up existing scraps and homeless treasures.

The title, when it’s finished, will be either “enter for a chance to win” or “whatever was I thinking?”


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On Vacation

Vacation, time to try new things and revisit old frustrations, such as Flickr. I’ve been locked out of my account for a long time because of user name/login/password tangles. You didn’t need to know that.

Today I got back in and revisited an old collage book called Fine Spirits. It’s all red and white. A page:

I miss my scanner . .

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As you can see, it’s simplicity itself. I like the flow of the images a lot, purely from the aesthetic POV.

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A New Bookform

In a library book entitled “Trash Origami,” I found a bookform that uses waste paper with printing on one side only (we all have a lot of that, right?) By folding and slotting pages together, you can make a small book that feels fairly substantial in your hand, even though it is held together by friction only – no gluing or sewing required.

Here’s one spread from a little collage book I made this way.


It’s simple collage, relying largely on piquant juxtaposition for its effects.

Part of the fun of this structure is that each spread of pages has two pockets at the fold, into which you can tuck additional little collages, messages, or other treats. The pink semi-circle is a pull tab.

Off it goes now to a mail-art-friend for an end-of-the-year near-surprise.

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Here are a few more pages from the collage book I made a few weeks ago and posted about on October 29. It arrived safely far overseas.



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In the mail I received some interesting collage fodder from my correspondent in Belarus. I was inspired to make a collage book aka junk journal aka gluebook for her. I used her shocking pink envelope for one of the pages.

Since I haven’t mailed it yet, I will just post a little glimpse here today. The whole book is 3 folios plus a cover made from another brilliant friend’s paste paper. Click on the images for better color.


I used material from a copy of Art in America, a New York Times style issue, an illustrated children’s book of the natural world from the early 1960s, a postcard from my collection, and some scrapbook paper. And some Halloween stickers.

The stickers were designed to be creepy or scary, but I think they are just cool. This is not a Halloween book — it is a coincidence that the word “spirits” appears in the title.

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My mail-art-friend Bee keeps coming up with new forms, and I keep imitating them. This is a little folder constructed of a photo and a postcard joined with packing tape to make a hinge. The image is the inside surface with all kinds of collage and stamping, plus a little pocket with a handwritten message.


I can’t say enough good things about packing tape these days.

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