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Just Paint

Postcards for a swap on that theme: “just paint.”


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I Cleaned My Desktop

When I finished, there were still a few tiny scraps left in the workspace. So I made something with them.

Or try it this way, right side up.

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Acrylic paint applied with a pencil eraser; water color background stitched onto handmade paper (not handmade by me.)

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Trees, 1

The first of two postcards for a swap on the theme of trees. I painted the leaves on a book page, applying acrylics with a pencil eraser or a finger tip. It was only yesterday, but I’ve forgotten which….. I cut out the foliage and glued it on a painted background.

“Like a tree standing by the water, we shall not be moved.”


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…I made this sunburst card, and today’s the day I mail it to someone. I think it is made with acrylic paint and watercolor pencil, but I’m not sure. I’m so glad I can keep a digital image of it.

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I’ve made some postcards for a swap that calls for citrus colors: orange, yellow and lime green. I didn’t especially want to draw or paint fruit, so I tried other ideas using those colors. An old watercolor made a great background, and I was happy to use it because it hasn’t been hung for years.

On my card, the postage stamps are vivid lime green and neon yellow, but the scanner doesn’t see them the way I do.

Coloring the postage stamps with green and yellow highlighters was satisfying. You can see the designs very clearly through the color. I expect I’ll use my  postage stash more often now.

I played around with color adjustment tools in PaintShop Pro and created some interesting accidental effects, but the two “beige” stamps never did turn yellow. A mystery.

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