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It’s time to mail 10 handmade postcards and receive 10 back, through iHanna’s semiannual DIY Postcard Swap.

The Seattle-based artist Carla Sonheim is a generous contributor to DIY artists online. Her courses are well-priced, and her freebies are fun. Her work inspired this little critter. It’s really too bad what happened to his right eyebrow … I can’t explain it.

The paper on his rump was handmade years ago, of cotton linter and iris fiber. It’s brittle and fragile – we’ll see how it survives the mail. If I made another critter like this, both he and his background would be a little less busy. His mild expression is true to the source.

I have six more cards to post over the next few days. I mailed the first three unthinkingly, but the rest will be duly scanned.


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If sorting stuff is not a recognized recreational pass-time, it should be. It seems to be my favorite. For example, I have 50+ fairly beat-up postcards from circa 1914 that I keep sorting. I’d like to select a few favorites and discard the rest, but I can’t seem to bring the process to a full stop.
I’ll eat an orange for you. You can throw a snowball for me.

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A couple months ago, I made a big collage; the focal image was a muscular black woman artist whose reputation is currently on the rise. It was a pretty good collage, but I felt uncomfortable. I felt that I was using something that wasn’t mine. She’s not a public domain celebrity (yet!) or a model paid to put herself on display. And though I have seen some glamor photos of this artist, this was a fierce, un-glamorous one.

So I did what you do with unsatisfactory work – I cut it up. This 4 x 6 card features a fragment that was sufficiently anonymous that I was comfortable using it. The original image was robust, showing an artist as a strong figure. Hence the title “Art Strong.”

Originally the title was to be just “Strong.” The font I copied for the word strong  created a more playful effect than I wanted, so I added the bolder san-serif lettering above it. I hadn’t used the color yellow anywhere else, so I added a couple little golden flickers, and I was done. A lot of head work went into this one!


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So as I wrote earlier, postcard fever struck, and I prepared ten postcards for the iHanna swap,

Still fevered (but on task), I dropped five stamped and addressed postcards in the big blue box and, apparently, one postcard that was neither addressed nor stamped. The postcards sometimes stick to each other. It was an easy mistake, but one I never made before.

So sad! I think it was this one, which I particularly liked.


Maybe I’m mistaken — maybe someone in the swap will get two cards. It could happen.

Try this project yourself this fall/winter, when there will be another swap.

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I got postcard fever earlier this week, and before I knew it, I had made five postcards. That was when I thought I should sign up for the iHanna postcard swap. After all, I was already halfway to the target of 10 postcards ready to mail by May 5.

Today’s May 4, and while the postcards aren’t actually ready to mail, the image sides are finished and they are addressed. I just have to add a message and my personal identification to each one.

Here are two of them.

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Just Paint

Postcards for a swap on that theme: “just paint.”

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I Cleaned My Desktop

When I finished, there were still a few tiny scraps left in the workspace. So I made something with them.

Or try it this way, right side up.

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