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But I keep calling it a banner. Each little portion is 3 by 3 inches.m

Update: Retreat was canceled! No power at our destination.

I’m off to teach some old friends how to make a garland like this at a retreat in the woods in Massachusetts. If all goes well, we’ll have a collaborative artwork to share.

The car is just a banner holder in the sun.


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Fantasy Life

In my dreams I live in a cabin in the woods — a shack, an RV, a small rundown farmhouse. None of these fits my authentic lifestyle, but the concept lives on in my alternative universe.

I’m glad I’m collaging again.

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Weird Scissors

My scissors were in a weird frame of mind when I sat down to do some gluebook-style collage this morning.

I myself wasn’t feeling weird at all.

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Gluebooking and Mark-making

I am working on two art challenges this month and happily getting them mixed up. One is a gluebook challenge, while the other focuses on mark-making. Each challenge has its own daily “prompt,” but usually I go my own way and don’t work with prompts. This practice slightly reduces the opportunities for confusion – any idea will work with either challenge.


What’s a gluebook? Here’s one gal’s definition.

Most mixed-media artists mentally edit “definitions” to suit their personal proclivities.I don’t make gluebooks in a book, for instance.

In fact I’m taking this opportunity to use up an overrun of invitations to an event I hosted. The paper is card-weight and 4.25 x 5.5 inches. I may corner-punch the cards and string them together later, or I may not. Right now I stack ’em up. (Even that is an overstatement!)

For gluebooking, I use magazine material mostly. Sometimes I create vignettes, sometimes there’s a focal image, and sometimes I just play with color and pattern. If I paste down some words, I like to make ’em wry or cryptic.

That’s what I’m up to this month. I may end up with 28 of something new.

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Another Happy Day

And it’s snowing today, bringing plans to scoot around town to a halt, so perhaps there will be another new piece later.

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A mail art friend sent twenty of us copies of a glowing red collage she made of radish seed packets. She gave no instructions, so I decided that she probably wanted us to embellish it and pass it on. Just the kind of thing I love to do.

The original had no title. I call my version “You Can’t Have Too Many Radishes or Amaryllis or Ethnic Beads.”

All kinds of mark-making plus more collage.

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I Cleaned My Desktop

When I finished, there were still a few tiny scraps left in the workspace. So I made something with them.

Or try it this way, right side up.

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