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I found this on my walk this morning, a true ready-made … a little wire creature taking off at a gallop.

He could become a stencil or a tracing or a rubbing, a very useful little guy. I digitally tinted the background of the scan and added a border to the image, but the object itself is as-is.


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Wow [surprised as usual by the passage of time and the amount of stuff I’ve created since about 2001.]

About 8 years ago, I retrieved a Jiffylite padded envelope from the trash at the university History Department where I worked. I made a large mixed media artwork on this recycled canvas sometime later.

It has an outsized presence — it’s 15 x 22 inches and very colorful — so there’s never been “the right place” to hang it, and it’s also a bear to store.

Today I scanned it in parts and e-stitched it together, using a few digital tools to disguise some of the joins. I still like it a lot and don’t want to look at it all the time, which you’ll understand if you enlarge the image.

That’s a frilly blue cocktail pick in my guru’s hand. I doubt I’ll ever make anything quite like this again.

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This is a throw-down collage I am working on in my periodic diary, where I don’t regularly do extended projects like this one. I am enjoying playing around but make no large claims for it.

For a lark I made a grey tone scan, reduced the color depth and added an “artistic effect” from my image program. The image became more interesting to me, and for one thing, it now highlights the importance of cookies in my life.

Perhaps the next step is to re-color a print of this altered image with pencils or markers. Or print the simpler two-color version below on colored paper. 2017-01-07001b

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I’m going to postpone buying another color printer and just add a scanner to our technology arsenal. We’ll see how satisfactory that is. Maybe I don’t need a color printer.

While I await the scanner, I’ll share an image from the kaleidoscope function of an app I discovered on my iPad, Photobooth. I think you can see the appeal.


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I’m easily overwhelmed by the beautiful things in this catalog. I like to turn the seductive pages to purposes that resonate with my real life and keep my Visa card safe from harm.

A new friend introduced herself to me by saying “I eat color,” and I knew just what she was trying to say. I could eat this picture of a stack of towels for three meals a day, indefinitely:

Rather than purchase an $88 towel (come on!), I set out to play with some tools in my under-utilized digital tool box, an ancient copy of Paint Box Pro. These three are the result. The differences are more apparent when you click to enlarge:2016-05-11-ieatcolor-dilate
Effects>Artistic Effects> Edges>Dilate

Effects>Artistic Effects> Edges>Erode

Effects>Artistic Effects> Edges>Trace Contour

What a palette: lime green, warm pink, slate gray, orange, yellow, red, turquoise, deep gray. I think I have some of those colors upstairs …

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This correspondent sent me a card made with ingenious scalloped see-through windows. It got a little battered in international mail and arrived with two blank windows that I could not resist filling with something else, just for fun. I added a tiny red hibiscus stamp that was lying nearby. (The hibisci don’t necessarily show up.)

Then, I went digital, boosting the brightness and applying a bubble filter to the image before posting the result. I hope the artist doesn’t mind my having a little fun. I bet she doesn’t.


By the way, I am also enjoying the idea of using a scalloped cutout as a stencil, which I got from the verso of the original postcard. Of course, the handsome stamp (it is a tapestry from the national museum) is also a beautiful sight.


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On the afore-mentioned trip to Nicaragua, at the afore-mentioned craft market, I bought a set of red and black beads. The sliding knot that is intended to adjust the length of the strand has fused somehow, so I can’t fit the beads over my head. They’ll have to serve some other purpose, to be determined. In the meanwhile, I scanned them and fooled around a bit.

The original is a little creepy. The altered version is less so, I think.
Nic-red-beads  Nic-red-beads-wb

Click on the image to get a good look at it.

I got some useful practice in replacing the color in a background, banishing a lot of the scanner-gray. Then I splashed around with some other tools and had a real good time, all before breakfast!

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