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More Red …

A two-or-three-element magazine collage, digitally duplicated and flipped. I plan to make a four-way mirror image; this is a first step. My skills have gotten rusty and/or my computer needs a restart.

The original image comes from the cover of a collaged accordion book that uses similar colors relieved by more white space. It celebrates the courage of a mother and daughter. The mother was at the women’s retreat I went to a couple weeks ago. The daughter is a professional skydiver and the mother watches. Who is braver? There is a flying squirrel image in the book.


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Red Balloons in Snow

A couple posts back, I wrote that I had grabbed one corner of a painted and collaged postcard and reworked it digitally. This is what I got: four red balloons in what looks like snow. We saw a good snow shower here in North Carolina today, so it seemed like the right time to post this.


This was the original.


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Thinking in Red


I really enjoy working with red.

In the image above. an original collage on the right meets its digital mirror image on the left. The original is about 5 by 10 inches. It began with a substantial fragment from a red 10 x 13 inch envelope. My former employer sent all staff their United Way solicitations in such envelopes, and I used to retrieve them from the trash. Most were unopened. I won’t comment further on that.

The second element was the red and yellow tropical flower. I started to fussy-cut it then decided that the original dark foliage background would separate the flower heads nicely from the red background. I squared off the piece with black and white paper from a security envelope and some glossy Christmas paper.

After that, it was go-to-town with fragments of magazine images and text, big dots of white water-based Sharpie paint pen, balloons from some birthday tissue paper, and just a little bit of red and magenta marker, because most of the surfaces were glossy and I thought the markers would smear. See the textured surface of the yellow balloon(s)? While the tissue was still damp with glue, I roughed it up with the tip of my craft knife. I saw recently that that technique has a fancy Frenchy name; I’m going to look it up later.

Then I brushed matte medium over the whole thing so that I can mess around a little more with pens, pastels, and crayon. But I like it a lot right now.



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Or so two bloggers from Wales have told me. Though it won’t snow much for a while, even in the mountains of Wales, I am reminded how much I like the reduced palette of deep winter. I once posterized a blizzard photograph taken in western Virginia; it wouldn’t be much but for the half-un-buried red tail light that shows you the photo was taken in my driveway.
posterized snow small

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Still life


The storms are not affecting my packing-up-house in any way, and I have reached the point where I can say “almost finished” without crossing my fingers behind my back. Son and husband have a plan to watch football together then take down the TV, computer, and cable connections. I’ve gotten OK with the idea of discarding perfectly good condiments, so ….

Time for an uplifting still life. The background comes from a liquor carton insert, and the dried rose was a gift from a friend a summer ago. It still retains its lovely scent.

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These two cards were made in response to a challenge to illustrate one’s vision of the afterlife without using any words. One version has been digitally enhanced; the other has not. You will know which is which.



I scanned the enhanced card through a crinkly plastic mailing sleeve, creating those distinctive reflections. Then I increased the contrast and brightness. Cutting out the daisies was quite a project. I came to really hate the dull spot on my scissors.

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I received a gift of collage materials today: a high-end auction catalog, a museum magazine, a floral calendar, several “solutions” pages from a crossword puzzle book printed on nice paper, and two beaten up commercial vocabulary cards. The mind boggles.


The original card was very creased, so I scanned it and worked with a copy. I added a border [very hard to see], a Holga-camera filter [the shadowy corners and some color changes], and a speckle effect. Then I printed the new image.


My printer abruptly ran out of cyan ink, so I got an unusual two-tone effect. I’m OK with it. In a final step, I created some found poetry from the crossword puzzle pages and fiddled around with a rubber stamp and some pens and markers.



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