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Index-Card-A Day A-Gain

My third – or maybe even my fourth? – year of planning to make art on an index card a day between June 1 and July 31. This annual challenge by Daisy Yellow Art has become part of the cycle of my year.

My ICAD output in June has been erratic, but I do intend to have 61 arty index cards in hand at the end of the day on the last day of July.

Here are two of the latest.

Something about the ratio of white space to vivid color makes me like these two cards a lot. ICAD is an invitation to experiment. Successful experiments are even better,



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I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without posting.

I’ve gotten swept away by embroidery … but I haven’t posted any of it. And I got a smartphone and have been seduced by Instagram. And a new PC and updated version of Paint Shop Pro (from 1 or 2 to 8) have been hard to adjust to. An addiction to streaming  Grey’s Anatomy is only now loosening its grip.

With the passing of the solstice, perhaps the tilt of my imagination will change back? We’ll see what happens in the next few months.

This week I got a little paper-art-fever again. I woke up one morning with the thought “I wonder what’s inside the egg.” To make my mystery egg, I used a number of media — charcoal, felt tip pens, paint pen, oil pastels, wax crayons, and a satisfying drizzle of India ink. Granted, the shape is more like an avocado than an egg.

Rae Missigman, maker of art marks, is one of my new inspirations or distractions. Since I love brush pens, I used very little else in this card except some fine-line marker and a little wax crayon. The style is not like Rae Missigman’s; it’s more that her work reminded me of something I like to do.

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This is number #49 in the Index Card a Day (ICAD) 61 day challenge, and I am keeping up except that for some reason, #39 is drawn but not yet colored. ??

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Art books for children are satisfying for adults, too. I picked up a copy of Alphab’art (Anne Guidry and Olivier Dussatour) at my library. There are 26 pictures, each one including a hidden letter of the alphabet. This Miro contains a “G,” quite a few of them in fact and not at all hidden.


I was inspired to make an index card (ICAD 2017 #35) with one of the many ideas that spring out of this painting.
Would I hang this over my sofa? You betcha.

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Sometimes juxtaposition does most of the work! And then a little oblique text does the rest: “chitchat is frowned upon until the break.”

There’s also a little pen work on the background, crayon resist (dark, I wish I had used gray instead of black), and some pinkish felt tip marker.

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Last night I experimented with heavy crayon over alcohol ink. I thought it might be possible to scratch out a pattern through the crayon, but the result looked meager. I threw the card away.

This morning I thought I’d apply gesso over the discarded work and do something on the new surface, using the “what’s on my desk?” technique. This card is what I made, from an acrylic skin (defined below if you need a definition), a magazine clipping, and some yellow paint, which wasn’t on my desktop but had been, recently.

An acrylic skin is a dried-out patch of acrylic paint — typically many layers — that can be peeled up from your palette more or less intact. Being acrylic, skins are more than willing to be pasted down with acrylic medium. With any luck, they are a little grungy, with ragged edges and oddly mixed colors, as in this instance.

This still-damp card has been scanned through a piece of plastic wrap to protect the scanner surface. Light reflects erratically off the plastic and adds little white flecks to the image, a digital bonus.

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The Second One

(As I may have said before) I am taking part in the Index Card a Day challenge from Daisy Yellow Art. That means I’m committed to making art (or putting something) on an index card every day in June and July.

The idea is to be literal — one index card each day — but we each decide quietly just how literal we will be. The only rule is that it’s an index card.
Some of the participants are making phenomenal small works of art; and some of us occasionally have to scribble “no art today” on an index card before we go to bed.

What I’m finding is that after I make my card for the day, I often want to make another card, and I often like the second card better. Making something primes the pump for making something else. So here’s today’s card #2.

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