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I got great mail from my correspondent in Belarus a week ago. For now, I’ll just share the envelope, suitably anonymized. As usual the stamps are a treat – the national emblem, I think, in four denominations. Sheaves of wheat, makes me hungry.


Is that an oak?


My response is almost ready to mail.



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A mail art friend sent twenty of us copies of a glowing red collage she made of radish seed packets. She gave no instructions, so I decided that she probably wanted us to embellish it and pass it on. Just the kind of thing I love to do.

The original had no title. I call my version “You Can’t Have Too Many Radishes or Amaryllis or Ethnic Beads.”

All kinds of mark-making plus more collage.

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If your library has “Drawing from the City” by Tejubehan, you may find this slim book intriguing. Only 3,000 copies were printed (and you might also want to read about the publisher, Tara Books.)

Tejubehan is intrigued by the idea of women moving freely through the world, and so her work is full of women driving, taking trains, flying…even parachuting, as on the cover. In her own life, she largely moved on foot, traveling through India with her husband, a singer. They made their living by singing in the villages and towns.

Caste rules discouraged women from singing with their men, so she began to draw instead.

I’ve made several drawings copying bits of hers, and it’s harder than I thought it would be.

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Art books for children are satisfying for adults, too. I picked up a copy of Alphab’art (Anne Guidry and Olivier Dussatour) at my library. There are 26 pictures, each one including a hidden letter of the alphabet. This Miro contains a “G,” quite a few of them in fact and not at all hidden.


I was inspired to make an index card (ICAD 2017 #35) with one of the many ideas that spring out of this painting.
Would I hang this over my sofa? You betcha.

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Try Rae Missigman’s “15-minutes of mixed media” videos: 15 minutes of work reduced to 8-ish minutes of video …fast enough to keep you alert, slow enough that you can see what she is doing. I’m hooked.

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Sometimes I receive envelopes that look like this! The envelope itself isn’t “mail art,” strictly speaking, because the art images are real, gorgeous Russian stamps. Among other arty goodies, the envelope contained two postcards of the work of the illustrator Vera Pavlova. The illustrations came from a book on Russian holidays.

If you like Pavlova’s work, you can find many images on Pinterest. Ordinary browser searches mostly turn up a contemporary poet by the same name.

Many warm thank yous to my correspondent Xenia.

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A bright and bouncy postcard from a friend arrived yesterday. The colored circles are so bright – and in the original, very shiny – she must have used enamel paint. I just love this.

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