Pink Socks

Something about these pink socks tickled my fancy, so I built a page around them.

At first, it bothered me that the figure had no head – that’s how the source image was cropped – but then I just let that go.

It was really about the socks.


Simple for Summer

My favorite news magazine publishes terrific photos, usually without captions. The photos draw me in to the associated articles, which may be denser and chewier than I otherwise wanted a at the moment.

I clipped the very best from a recent issue and glued them down in an overlapping grid. I liked the look. No big claims, I just liked doing it!

I might elaborate with a few swipes of paint, or not.

My third – or maybe even my fourth? – year of planning to make art on an index card a day between June 1 and July 31. This annual challenge by Daisy Yellow Art has become part of the cycle of my year.

My ICAD output in June has been erratic, but I do intend to have 61 arty index cards in hand at the end of the day on the last day of July.

Here are two of the latest.

Something about the ratio of white space to vivid color makes me like these two cards a lot. ICAD is an invitation to experiment. Successful experiments are even better,


Art Strong

A couple months ago, I made a big collage; the focal image was a muscular black woman artist whose reputation is currently on the rise. It was a pretty good collage, but I felt uncomfortable. I felt that I was using something that wasn’t mine. She’s not a public domain celebrity (yet!) or a model paid to put herself on display. And though I have seen some glamor photos of this artist, this was a fierce, un-glamorous one.

So I did what you do with unsatisfactory work – I cut it up. This 4 x 6 card features a fragment that was sufficiently anonymous that I was comfortable using it. The original image was robust, showing an artist as a strong figure. Hence the title “Art Strong.”

Originally the title was to be just “Strong.” The font I copied for the word strong  created a more playful effect than I wanted, so I added the bolder san-serif lettering above it. I hadn’t used the color yellow anywhere else, so I added a couple little golden flickers, and I was done. A lot of head work went into this one!


Mail from Belarus

I got great mail from my correspondent in Belarus a week ago. For now, I’ll just share the envelope, suitably anonymized. As usual the stamps are a treat – the national emblem, I think, in four denominations. Sheaves of wheat, makes me hungry.


Is that an oak?


My response is almost ready to mail.


A Lost Lamb

So as I wrote earlier, postcard fever struck, and I prepared ten postcards for the iHanna swap,

Still fevered (but on task), I dropped five stamped and addressed postcards in the big blue box and, apparently, one postcard that was neither addressed nor stamped. The postcards sometimes stick to each other. It was an easy mistake, but one I never made before.

So sad! I think it was this one, which I particularly liked.


Maybe I’m mistaken — maybe someone in the swap will get two cards. It could happen.

Try this project yourself this fall/winter, when there will be another swap.

Postcard Fever

I got postcard fever earlier this week, and before I knew it, I had made five postcards. That was when I thought I should sign up for the iHanna postcard swap. After all, I was already halfway to the target of 10 postcards ready to mail by May 5.

Today’s May 4, and while the postcards aren’t actually ready to mail, the image sides are finished and they are addressed. I just have to add a message and my personal identification to each one.

Here are two of them.